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Insulation Material

Small-sized material used to stop heat flow, it is divided into four types broadly as follows depending on operating temperature :

  1. cold insulator (under 100)
  2. lagging (100~600)
  3. insulator (600~1100)
  4. fire resistant insulator (over 1000)

Insulators are usually made with porous materials. For equipments requiring heat source, we have hydraulic aluminum for energy saving or cement and indeterminate form insulator, which included additional materials for improved usability.

  • Lightweight product with excellent workability
  • Great insulation, heat-resistance, thermal shock resistance
  • Types : fiber materials made with ceramic fiber which can be shaped into different forms
Insulator thermal conductivity
Cement 0.42 Stainless Steel 14
Fire-resistant Bricks 0.10 Silicon Rubber 0.19
Glass Fiber 0.031 Glass 1.2~1.5
Cork 0.042 Air 0.027
Paper 0.18 Copper 400


We are currently developing and producing Spun fiber which has superior quality to the previous blown fiber made by blokwing technique. Spun fiber has longer fiber length than that of blown fiber and has generally excellent properties including great sealing strength.


  • Safe working temperature : Cerakwool 1300 blanket - 1260, Cerakwool HTZ blanket -1430
  • Excellent insulation property, having low heat conductivity in high temperature
  • Due to the significantly low density than fireproof bricks, have less accumulated heat amount thus reducing thermal loss
  • Exhibiting lighter weight and improved flexibility than previous fireproof products, therefore applicable in any place
  • Chemically stable products and made with high purity silica and aluminum, showing strong resistance to acidic alkali matters
  • Excellent insulation property, saving fuel cost. This reduces the thickness of materials thereby widening the available surface area. Its great construct ability helps save labor cost and also makes it easier to repair

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